South Haven Lighthouse with the Moon

South Haven Lighthouse and Moonset April 14th 2022 - 3x2 Ratio

The 93% full moon had a beautiful glow around it as its light pierced the air over Lake Michigan on this mid-April morning, and I eagerly captured a photo as it turned to gold and began to set near the South Haven Lighthouse at around 6:14am. The rest of the scene was rather dark however, since the sun wouldn't be rising for another 52 minutes. So I kept my camera on the tripod in the exact same position, waited in the cold wind until the start of blue hour, then took more photos after 6:30am so I could brighten the shadows and create the final image.

South Haven Lighthouse with Crescent Moon and Boat Lights - 3x2 Ratio

This photo is a blend of multiple exposures taken over the course of an hour on the evening of September 9th, 2021. I took a shot shortly after sunset when the sky was pink and blended it with a later shot of the moon as it was setting over Lake Michigan. In between the early shot and the later moon shot I captured long-exposure light trails from a charter boat that was cruising by. The boat was moving so slowly that the lights produced loops as it bobbed over the waves.

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